Education is a matter of life and death for Pennsylvania’s kids

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The Solution

Lifeline Scholarships give every student assigned to an underperforming school an opportunity for a brighter future, regardless of their zip code.

Kids that have access to better schools are more likely to complete college and enter a career that sticks, creating economic opportunity that is inaccessible to many families now.

We know that opportunity scholarships work. 71% of Children’s Scholarship Fund Philadelphia (CSFP) recipients are from low-income backgrounds and attend underperforming public schools. 98% of these recipients graduate high school on time with test score results that far exceed those in the school district.

Take Action

Our state’s public education system is leaving Pennsylvania’s children behind. Our legislators need to fund Lifeline Scholarships in the budget to give our students trapped in underperforming public schools the opportunity to achieve long-term success.